Expert Jewelry Repair in Boise, ID

We know that ALL pieces of jewelry have sentimental value! Therefore, whether it's an expensive piece or costume jewelry, we are here to help you wear it again. From ring sizing to broken chains and stone settings and replacements; we are able to get the job done and "done" in a timely fashion.
Diamond Tester - Jewelry Repair in Boise, ID
Jewelry Cleaning - Jewelry Repair in Boise, ID
Ring Repair - Jewelry Repair in Boise, ID
Our repair department is knowledgeable, honest and extremely professional for any project. We will always be open to show you through each and every step of the process. If a special repair needs to be sent off, you will know exactly where it is as well as who is handling it and at what time it should be returned
If you need repair on vintage Jewelry, please do not hesitate to call us! We have what it takes to restore, re-create and repair your vintage pieces.
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WATCH REPAIRS on SEIKO, TAG HEUER, OMEGA, ROLEX etc. are all done with certified watchmakers. APPRAISALS are also done at BOISE DIAMOND RING